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A Seaman's Guide to the Rule of the Road

An extremely useful visual aid. This easy-to-read guide provides clear and simple questions and answers to a complex subject.

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Astro Navigation Handbook G78

Something different to expand the RYA navigation series, Tim Bartlett’s RYA Astro Navigation Handbook delves into the ancient art of navigating by the moon and stars. Within the book, the reader will find a range of information from the basics of Astro navigation, right up to how to use the more complex formulas involved in the art. This book is an ideal progression from any basic navigation books.

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Boat Handling for Sail and Power G68

As most of us have discovered, really embarrassing bad boat handling moments happen when we are in a harbour or marina. Without fail there will always be an audience usually of fellow boaters (and your crew!) who, while initially being sympathetic are unlikely ever to let you forget it! Most boaters agree that "take offs and landings" are the most difficult and stressful areas of boating but that once the general principles and rules are mastered you are soon able to deal safely and confidently with most common situations. The object of RYA Boat Handling for Sail and Power is to help you gain a fuller understanding of boat handling by dealing with a wide variety of situations in a thoughtful and logical way.

Expert advice in easy to follow text combined with in-depth colour illustrations make this title an essential tool to everyone who takes a boat out on the water.

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Boat Maintenance Handbook G104

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Boat Safety Handbook - 2nd Edition G103

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Commercial Regulations - Small Vessels G105

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Competent Crew Skills

RYA Competent Crew Skills is the official companion for the RYA’s popular Competent Crew Course.
It is designed to assist you in understanding new concepts and in particular to help you remember some of the unique terminology that is used in the world of boating. It is an excellent starting point for those undertaking their first boating experience in order to make sense of the first few days on board or as a handy reference book for those returning to the sport after time away from it. This new edition has been updated to include motor vessels in order to appeal to both sail and power readers; the illustrations have been completely modernised and the look and feel of the layout has benefitted from an overall redesign.

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Day Skipper Handbook Sail G71

Being a good skipper is not difficult; it requires essential skills, knowledge, experience, patience, good communication and at times a sense of humour! This book is engagingly written and highly illustrated with the aim of equipping you with that essential knowledge and set of skills to help you build up your experience.
It leads you through practical advice on Day Skippering in three logical sections:

  • Practical Skills
  • Navigation & Passage Making
  • Safety

It covers all the theoretical and practical aspects of the RYA Day Skipper Sail syllabus and gives you all you need to know to take a small yacht on a short passage safely.
In addition to the practical advice on aspects of Day Skippering, extensive focus is given to safety planning skills such as life-saving signals, simple engine repair and preparation for bad weather. 

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Day Skipper - Practical Course Notes

The RYA Day Skipper Practical Course Notes has been compiled to complement the RYA Day Skipper Practical Course and draws on the cumulative experience of hundreds of experienced sailing instructors. The techniques shown or described are tried and tested and are suitable for most types of cruising yacht. This book gives guidance on how to take charge of a yacht for a short passage. Includes planning, crew briefing, safety, boat handling, navigation, etc.

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Diesel Engine Handbook G25

Written for leisure boat owners, the RYA Diesel Engine Handbook is essential reading for anyone doing the one-day RYA Diesel Engine Course. Includes a free DVD giving expert instruction and top tips from Nick Eales of Seastart. Easy to follow text and beautifully detailed colour illustrations enable the reader to develop the knowledge and confidence required by all diesel engine boat owners. Chapters include:

  • How Diesel Engines Work
  • Fuel
  • The Air System
  • Engine Cooling
  • The Electrical System
  • Diagnostics and Troubleshooting
  • Maintenance
  • Emergency Procedures 

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First Aid Manual

Updated 10th edition: includes updates to first aid for choking infants. The First Aid Manual is the UK's only fully authorised first aid guide, endorsed by St John Ambulance, St Andrew's First Aid and the British Red Cross and packed with step-by-step first aid advice. Used as the official training manual for the UK's leading first aid organisations' courses, the bestselling First Aid Manual covers all aspects of first aid, from emergency first aid and first aid for babies and children, to resuscitation. Find out how to treat over 100 different conditions from splinters and sprained ankles to strokes and unconsciousness and how to use essential equipment. Step-by-step photography, all shot in-situ to reflect real-life issues, shows you what to do in any situation. The ideal first aid book for you and your family, keep the First Aid Manual handy; it could be a life-saver.

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International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea G2

RYA International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea outlines the regulations concerning what should be done when a vessel is coming into contact with any other vessels. It is therefore a vital aspect of seamanship, as every person taking to the seas must be confident that they will know what to do in these situations. Outlined within the chapters is information on the conduct of vessels in many different situations. These are clearly laid out, enabling the reader to accurately translate the rules.

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Introduction to Radar G34

Follows the syllabus of the RYA One-Day Radar Course and is ideal for anyone requiring a working knowledge of radar. To get the best from your set you need to understand what it is and what it can and can't do.  This book was written to accompany the RYA one day training course but if you can't manage to get to a course near you, it's also useful as a quick and easy reference guide.

In clear and easy language it offers a 'background briefing', which explains what radar is and how it works and then explains its use on a small boat giving an honest appraisal of the operational limitations you might encounter.

Further chapters cover switching on and setting up, refining and understanding the picture, blind areas, different types of radar reflector and their limitations, how to fix radar positions, pilotage by radar and collision avoidance.

All in all this book provides you with a very easy read introduction to radar on small boats and the text and accompanying illustrations are clear and unambiguous.  So if you're thinking about using radar, or have bought a boat with radar installed, here's the book to show you how to get get the most out of it. Highly recommended.

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Navigation Handbook G6

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Offshore Sailing G87

Offshore Sailing is exciting and brings adventure, discovery and freedom to those who undertake a long-distanced journey. For anyone who is going or thinking of going on such a passage, RYA Offshore Sailing is the essential companion. It discusses the fundamental characteristics of what does and what doesn’t make a good offshore cruising yacht and ensures that there is a perfect balance of practical information on safety, equipment, boat design and sails both for monohulls and multihulled boats. There is also excellent advice on how a skipper can make the journey as comfortable as possible for them and their crew. Chapters include:

  • Crew Comfort
  • Water Supply & Conservation
  • Preparing for the Tropics
  • Self-Steering
  • The Energy Equation

It will appeal particularly to those planning to make an ocean crossing for the first time, either individually or as part of an organised rally. In doing so, it is likely that there will be a need to upgrade and equip the yacht to modern offshore standards for the voyage and to prepare it for the particular requirements of cruising in the tropics. Written by Dick McClary, a highly experienced sailor in many parts of the world’s waters, RYA Offshore Sailing is sure to fire the enthusiasm of anyone looking to head for the clear waters of the open ocean. 

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Powerboat Handbook G13

This handbook is the official companion to the RYA Powerboat Advanced course but it is also equally relevant to those who are simply keen to develop and consolidate their knowledge to help improve their theoretical and practical skills. The book has been designed to be a key and progressive learning tool which focuses on the advanced aspects of powerboating. This includes the essentials on and off the water and demystifies the more complicated techniques for operating an open vessel by day and night. Chapters include:

  • The Role of the Skipper
  • Radar and AIS
  • Wave Theory   
  • Handling in Rougher Conditions         
  • Weather      
  • Higher Speed Handling

It expands on the knowledge already contained in the entry-level RYA Start Powerboating and intermediate-level RYA Powerboat Handbook, with a focus on the higher-level aspects of advanced powerboating. The examples bring concepts to life and methods are adapted to what is realistically achievable in an open powerboat.

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Sea Survival Handbook G43

This book is the official text for the RYA Basic Sea Survival Course and the RYA/ISAF Offshore Safety Course and supports ISAF approved Offshore Personal Survival courses. It also highlights the importance of having the correct safety equipment and will also give you the knowledge of how and when to use it, making it invaluable for anyone who takes a boat offshore for racing or cruising. This new edition has also been updated to include the syllabus for the ISAF Offshore Personal Survival Course and the latest information on sea survival. It is divided into two parts so that it more closely matches the syllabi of the two courses and supports other ISAF approved Offshore Personal Survival courses. Chapters include:

  • Before you leave
  • Calling for Help
  • Understanding Weather
  • MOB Prevention
  • Fire Control

This book is written by Keith Colwell who works at the RNLI as a Community Incident Reduction Manager, managing a large team of volunteer safety advisers, who provide a safety advice service to the both the boating and general public. Keith is an RYA Yachtmaster, an RYA Powerboat Instructor, a SRC instructor/assessor and RYA and STCW’95 Sea Survival Instructor.

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Stability & Buoyancy G23

All vessels need to be buoyant in order to float, and need to be stable in order to stay upright. This revised edition of RYA Stability and Buoyancy deals with everything relating to these issues and also includes hazards common to most boats, incorporating bad loading and breaking waves; the characteristics of different boat types, i.e. sailing dinghies, small catamarans, offshore and coastal monohull sailing boats; maximum safe heel angle, and a glossary of terms, explaining all the technical jargon.

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VHF Handbook

From the author of the best-selling RYA Navigation Handbook, this is the RYA’s official title to support the RYA VHF Operator's Short Range Certificate examination. It expands upon the quick reference VHF Radio inc GMDSS book (G22) to assist with a deeper level of understanding which will help you pass the exam. 

It details everything that sailors need to know about using VHF radios including how they work, the rules and regulations which govern it and the procedures that must be followed.

In helping you prepare for the test, the book links the easy-to-follow text to the syllabus to give you all you need to know to pass the exam.

The clear instruction and colourful illustrations make this complicated yet highly important subject much clearer and will help you learn the call procedures. 

This is an essential learning tool and ideal background reading for anyone taking a VHF course.

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